The Right Spot

Sunday, August 29, 2004

im gonna explode

i am about to loose my mind.

i have a cricket cell phone. with the exception of the fact that they seem to "forget" to give people the options they buy (text messaging, voice mail, etc) i havent had any problem. Until now.

My fucking phone is turned off. I went to make a call and it directed me to this message saying my phone was disconnected for non payment. Uhm, What the fuck.. i paid my phone bill 6 days ago. I have the receipt to prove it. I went through the menu to try to talk to a rep and it wont let me talk to a person. I went to the option to hear last payment received and it even says it received my payment. so what the fuck?? They got my payment, 6 days ago, so HOW is my phone off for non payment??

I am so upset about this because they did the same thing to me 8 days ago. They turned my phone off on the DAY i was supposed to pay my bill. It wasnt due until 8pm that night and it was cut off at 8am that morning. I used my sister's phone and gave them HELL and they turned it back on for me. I paid my bill 2 days later, ya know - when it was DUE to be paid. And now they have fucking turned it off again even tho they received my payment??

Im sure this isnt very coherent but im FURIOUS. I dont have time for this bullshit. So i used the option to disconnect my phone, but it wont let me fucking disconnect until noon. Uhm okay... so im fucking calling back at noon (5 minutes form now) and im disconnecting this bleeping phone. I have SO HAD IT with Cricket.

Why cant they get it right?? I pay my bill when its due, i have phone service & the extras i pay for. Why cant it be that simple??

UPDATE - I called cricket and when i pressed the button to disconnect it transferred me to a customer service rep. Cricket has the world's worst customer service, i swear. This woman i got was bitchy and when i realised she wasnt listening to a word i said, i said "ya know what? screw it!" and she told me she'd hang up on me for saying screw it LMAO! So i told her to give me a supervisor. The supervisor was nice, but acted like i did something to cause my phone to be shut off. So i had to go over it with her very S-L-O-W-L-Y and she realised it was a computer error and fixed it. So i am keeping my phone until this pay period runs out (since i paid for it already) and when my next bill is due I will most likely disconnect then. I just dont have time for this crap. There goes 30 minutes i could have spent packing!!

inspired to post

feeling inspired by reading other blogs, i decided to post in my own today.

These past several days have been emotionally draining almost. My *baby* girl is in kindergarten now. She is doing really well and is enjoying school, but its hard for me. I miss her alot. Im happy that she is happy tho. She is so much easier getting into school then her big sister was! No tears, no fussing. Just a smile, kiss and wave with "Bye Mama!". My baby is growing up!!

Ive been missing my husband this weekend something awful. He works 12 hour shifts and this was a work weekend. We are moving in a few days and Im trying to make a dent in the packing. I am determined to get alot done today so he doesnt have to come home and pack.

Ive been uber annoyed by John Kerry lately. This hissy fit he is throwing over the 527 ads are killin me. Do the swiftboat vets for truth not have the right to free speech? Kerry isnt condemning democratic 527s for their negative ads against Bush, so how is it GWB"s responsibility to stop the swiftboat ads? I just dont get it. Whats good for the goose isnt good for the gander.

While reading about John F'ing Kerry i have been rereading about Hanoi Jane . This woman should be charged with treason, I dont care if it was 30+ years ago. She is just awful!!

I noticed yesterday that our local Republican Party office has opened. Im so excited :) Im going to stop by Monday and get some yard signs & bumper stickers.

Well, I cant believe it is almost September. This year has flown by. Im looking foward to October-December. Its my favorite time of year.