The Right Spot

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


my meanie husband went out to return some videos i rented the other night and he went to taco bell and DIDNT BRING ME ANYTHING HOME!!!!!!!! Isnt that just MEAN! He said i knew he was going out and should have told him i wanted something, but HELLO! I didnt know he was going to taco bell and HE SHOULD READ MY MIND DAMNIT!!!!!

So now i sit here, jealous and hungry.

Oh wait ... he offered me one of his tacos.

Thursday, January 22, 2004


after an entirely-too-long-forced-break, im BACK! :)

my 7 yr old daughter had her tonsils out today. she was such a trooper for the most part, only freaking out right afterwards. i am anticipating a tiring week ahead for mom & dad!

even tho this was a "minor procedure", it was hard. she's my *baby* and the thought of anything happening to either one of my girls is just not something i can comprehend.

ive got alot on my mind politically - maybe ill do some blogging about that this weekend when it isnt so late and im not so tired!

anyway, im back! yeh!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

a big hi there and hello!

wow its been days since i have blogged! So sorry about that! I havent posted or read much in over a week!

My husband arrived safely on Christmas Eve and we have had a great time catching up ;) Mikayla was so surprised to see him. She opened the door and said "Daddy! What are you doing here!!?!" It was precious :) Harley apparently knew he was coming but kept it a secret, even from me! Sneaky grrrl!

I dont have too much to say at the moment...i kept an eye on FNC last night just in case, but the most exciting thing to happen was that British Airways plane at Dulles. I just read that the same flight for today was cancelled. Interesting ...

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night ;)