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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

omg he is almost here!!

neo is making insane timing and just called me from Alabama!!! I cant believe he got through texas so fast! he tried to play it off like he wasnt so close heh, but i knew the alabama area code from the caller id ;)

so he should be here in the next few hours! OMG!!!!! Merry Christmas to me! ;) ;) ;)

the girls still have no idea he is coming.. they do, however, know they have a "package" on the way. they think its a wrapped gift they can open ;) they are gonna be *so surprised*!!!!!!

Okay, way overkill on the !!!!! and ;) i know, but im really excited ;)

Monday, December 22, 2003

Daddys Coming Home!!!

Yay Im so excited!My girls are gonna get *the best* Christmas present ever! Their Daddy is coming home!!

My husband and I are reconciling, and im so happy about this. He is leaving Phx tonight/tommorrow morning and driving through to get here (TN) as quickly as he can - hopefully before Christmas morning!

This is a rushed trip, with little planning and a little short on cash! If ya wanna donate to the "Bringing Daddy Home" fund (BDH! heh) theres a paypal link on Neo's blog - he has a paypal card so he will have immediate access :) The paypal email address is nitride @ with no spaces.

Thanks in advance if you wish to contribute, and if not - any good thoughts and prayers are appreciated for a safe trip!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

bad timing

i started feeling shitty yesterday and woke up this morning with full blown strep throat. this is like *the* worst timing ever. I have to go to Clarksville (1 1/2 hours away) tommorrow for a consultation ive been waiting over a month for, i cannot miss it. my pcp phoned my in some antibiotics, which was really cool of her. hopefully they will kick in fast. i just dont have time to be sick right now.

ive gotta go to clarksville tommorrow, then i *have have have* to work on Tuesday. I have Wed and Thurs off for Christmas (YAY for paid holidays!!!) but then i *have have have* to work Friday.

I dont even want to think about January. January is my busiest month at work. I have a dozen workshop hours to finish, plus hours and hours of work that goes into assessment preparation. I started working on assessment prep. Friday, but im sure all the work I did will be undone when i go in on Tuesday lol. Ive been saving important/neccesary things all year long and its gonna be kind of cool to finally be able to bring it all out!

ok im rambling now. send me some feel better vibes ;)

Hello pot, kettle calling!

"Slavery" in FL

okay so maybe im a heartless bitch.

This guy was in the US *illegally*. He came here illegally, to work and live illegally. To sum it up, he is breaking some very serious laws, but he is still expecting HIS rights to be respected?

Hello pot, kettle calling!

I dont feel any sympathy for the way this man was treated. Yes, it sounds crappy what was done to him & the other guys, but what did he expect, really? Obviously the men who smuggled him into the US are total goons. Did he expect them to be all nicey nice once they crossed the border? I mean, thats like getting into a stranger's car after they have threatened you, thinking they will be nice a mile down the road.

He used poor judgement. He didn't use common sense. He came into this country illegally, and then was treated badly and locked up in a trailor.

I guess thats the price to pay, eh.

And now, he has a permit to come back into the US and work legally. Aint life grand.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

this is just wrong lol

quick brag

my beautiful girls :) Mikayla is 7, Harley is 4 1/2!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Go Neo, Its Your Birthday!

Hey Everybody! Tommorrow (Friday) is Neo's 30th Birthday, so please be kind and go leave him happy birthday comments! ;)


Gonna Sip *Corona* Like its your birthday! LOL With Limes! ;)

out of the mouths of babes!

i was watching FNC earlier and Shep was talking about Michael Jackson. My sweet innocent 7 yr old daughter points to the screen and says "Look Mama! Its the girl on your computer!" LOL!!

I then spent the next 10 minutes debating with her about MJs gender.

"But Mom! She's wearing *makeup*!!"
"But Mom! Her hair is long!"

Oh she is so priceless :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


im typing as fast as i can to beat Neo to posting this before he can bwahahaha!!!

The girls and I picked Neo up from the airport Friday and we went to Taco Bell.. there was this HUGE guy who came in.. like totally a good 400+ lbs... and he had on this oversized shirt that said PHAT on it.


It was *priceless*

BOOO HE BEAT ME!!!!!! Everyone go leave nasty comments on Neo's Blog! LOL

(where's that kissy face smiley when i need it?? ;))

Who Knew!

I had no idea Madonna wrote children's books!

My daughter received The English Roses from one of her Grandmothers for her birthday. I dont like Madonna, and thats putting it mildly....

At first i was just gonna leave it on the book shelf.. then i considered taking it back to the store and exchanging it for a different book lol!! But i think ill actually read it first, and if i deem it appropriate for my child then Ill hand it over and listen to her read it ;)

Its got a pretty cover! hehe Damn thing is tagged 19.99!!!

I wouldnt buy one but...

these are funny lol!

Sure didnt take long eh!

Monday, December 15, 2003

playing catchup

it feels like forever since i last posted! so heres an all-in-one post for Monday!

- my daughter Mikayla is officially 7 years old (as of Saturday the 13th!)! I cannot believe i have a 7 year old child. She is such a smart beautiful girl.. I am so proud of her. She has a very sweet disposition, is kind and good to her little sister. She is polite and artistic. She is an amazing dancer :) Happy Birthday Princess!

- YAHOOOOO!! WE GOT SADDAM!!!! My Mother called at 8am Sunday morning with the big news! We turned on FNC and watched in awe as Saddam's beard and mouth were inspected ;) It still feels kind of unreal... but it gives me hope that Bin Laden will be next!!

- TWO WORDS : LIME JUICE! ;) Its very, uhm... *enhancing*

- Here's a tip for the ladies - dont wear mascara to the airport! I *always* cry at the airport! When im picking someone up I cry from happiness, when Im taking them back I cry from sadness. Even the "waterproof" stuff gets goopy or runny. So no mascara on airport runs for this gal!

I guess thats all for now ;) 24 is on tommorrow night. It is getting so good this season! Im feeling that *24 anticipation* i love so much!

Friday, December 12, 2003

and the award for "Bad Mother of the Year" goes to...

I feel like the worst mother in the world right now... i was LATE picking up my daughter from school yesterday!! My youngest was sick and i laid down with her to rest and the alarm on my phone didnt go off.. the only reason i woke up is because i got a phone call!!

I was only like 10 minutes late, but as i pulled up to the school, there was my sweet little 7 year old child, standing alone with only 2 teachers, bundled up in her pink winter coat with tears streaming down her face... she thought i had forgotten her :( I know in the grand scheme of things this isnt a big deal, but O M G i feel tremendously guilty about this.

My sweet little princess, thinking her mama had forgotten about her. Oh gosh, that breaks my heart. :*(

Tommorrow is her birthday - she will officially be the big 7!! She is excited about her birthday - first thing she said when she woke up this morning was "TOMMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!" :) Her Dad is flying in today for the big day, so both the girls are just on pins and needles, waiting for 2:50 when his plane should land ;)

Anyway, I have been a light blogger the past few weeks, and will be absent over the weekend.. but hopefully ill be back soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Neo Nails It!

The ex and I were discussing the Bush/OT Pay topic (more on that later..) and he said this

"the left doesn't like people to have choices, unless you want to murder your unborn child or do drugs"

Aint that the grandest thing ya ever did see? Except for the whole splitting up thing, he is quite the brilliant man! ;)

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

someone call BPS

someone better call blog protective services, cause im seriously neglecting this thing!

i have had a rotten past few days. ive got a bad cold or the flu or something and its really kickin my ass. I am a diabetic and have had 2 quite serious blood sugar drops in the past 24 hours. Really scared me, so bad i called my sister at almost 1am this morning to have someone on the phone with me until my BS was normal. Both times i didnt feel it coming. I guess because im sick also. Im keeping a really close watch on it tho, so hopefully it wont happen again.

I cant really think clearly right now so i have nothing entertaining or controversial to say. But never fear, Rightmama will be back with a vengeance soon! ;)

Monday, December 01, 2003

my big, brave girl!

i took my girls to the doctor today and decided to go on and get their flu shots.

the mere mention of the word "shot" freaked them both out initially. however, after a moment, my brave little 4 yr old informs me she is not scared of any ole shot. she sat there waiting patiently for her turn...

my oldest daughter didnt like it much.. she was scared. but then it was Harley's turn. she hopped up on the table and held out her arm.. this girl even watched as the nurse gave her the shot. when it was over she smiled and said "see mama! im not scared!"

Im so proud of both my babies, but this Harley... she's somethin else! Fearless!

heres a picture i took last November, *this* is my Harley


this is very sad

from drudge


It's the FDNY's "dirty little secret."

At least a dozen of New York's Bravest - some of them assigned to look after Sept. 11 widows - have left their wives for the spouses of their comrades killed in the terror attacks, sources told The Post.

"It's disgusting, heartbreaking what they've done," said Mary Koenig, whose husband, Gerry Koenig of Staten Island's Rescue 5 squad, ditched her and their two kids for Madeline Bergin, the widow of his friend and firehouse mate, John Bergin, after the World Trade Center attacks.

An insider who has worked with firefighter families and a counselor who worked for one of the FDNY services told The Post there are about a dozen cases similar to the Koenigs.

FDNY spokesman David Billig would not comment on the figure. Another FDNY official told The Post, "It's a very sensitive topic."

Koenig had been the Bergin family's "liaison" - a surrogate-parent role traditionally taken on by Bravest when a fellow firefighter is killed.

Although "liaisons" are not officially designated, the role is part of an honored, unwritten pact going back more than 100 years.

"Not only have these men dishonored their own families, they've dishonored the memories of men who are heroes, who were their brothers," Mary Koenig said. "It's the department's dirty little secret."

When, after 9/11, the FDNY called in experts who'd dealt with the psychological fallout from the Oklahoma City bombings, they were told that some firefighters may start relationships with the widows.

"The department saw this happening - knew from mental-health experts that it could happen - and did nothing to intervene," Mary Koenig said.

Billig defended the department, noting that it has "done a tremendous amount" in terms of dealing with attack-related psychological issues, including family and marital problems, since Sept. 11, 2001.

"We have been very proactive in developing solutions and encouraging our employees and their families to seek help," Billig said. "The topic of surviving firefighters not neglecting their own families after Sept. 11" was addressed shortly after the attacks. Among the FDNY initiatives was hiring 300 counselors, and developing programs "that matched every domestic situation we could think of," he added.

Still, Kristin Zazulka, 18, said the system devastated her family. The teen complained to department officials after her dad, John Zazulka of Brooklyn's Squad 1, dumped her mom, Susan, and Kristin's three younger siblings for widow Debbie Amato, the wife of fallen squadmate, James Amato, and Amato's four kids.

Zazulka, who did not return calls to The Post, has also become a deadbeat dad: He has twice been found in contempt of court by a Staten Island family court judge for failure to support his kids.

In September 2002, the McKinsey report - the outside evaluation of the city's response to the WTC attacks - noted that the FDNY must improve and expand the support services offered to its members and families because it was not adequately equipped to deal with the ongoing ramifications of large-scale events.

Koenig said that when her husband began to disassociate himself from his family, she made repeated entreaties to his captain to intervene. After speaking with both Madeline Bergin and Gerry Koenig, the captain ordered Gerry back to his own family.

But the order didn't stick.

Gerry Koenig declined to comment to The Post, saying only, "My life is private - it's not anybody else's business. I didn't leave my family. I left my wife."

For the last several months, Mary Koenig has been on a one-woman campaign to get the FDNY to change its protocol regarding counseling after a catastrophic tragedy.

She's written to FDNY brass and state and local lawmakers, calling for what she calls "The John Bergin Act." It would require FDNY brass to supervise the liaison program and to make counseling mandatory after large-scale events.

"If a family comes forward with help with this kind of problem in the future, I want to know the department will be required to do something," she said. "It's too late for my family, but they can damn sure fix it for next time."

Madeline Bergin declined to comment and Debbie Amato could not be located.

This story is very sad to me. The trauma these people went through on September 11, 2001 is unbearable; and to hold them 100% responsible for their actions at this point almost seems unfair.

I think it's commendable that the surviving firemen look after the widows. However, there should be strict policy regarding what is and is not acceptable. Firemen want to save people, thats why they are firemen. To take a man like that, who has just gone through what is likely the most traumatic event of his life, and put him in a home with a woman who has just lost her husband.. well, what do they think will happen?

I have more to say on this subject, but I have to take my daughter to the doctor. Maybe ill post more on this later ;)

December = Insanely Busy Month

Ive been trying to fill out my calender for the month and im blown away by the # of events i have already written down.

between dentist appts, doctor appts, christmas activities, birthday activities and my girls' father flying in to visit its gonna be an insanely busy month. a visit from Dad will be just what the doctor ordered i think. the girls are so excited to see him, its been almost 5 months! my oldest daughter wishes he was here *right now*.

I will boast and admit that I am finished shopping for the Holidays :) Well, except for like 5 gifts.... im *almost* finished! I still have to buy for 1 nice, 1 nephew and 1 sister. I also have to take some pictures and print them out and buy a few frames. I do this for my Mom and Grandmother... they love getting new pictures of my girls as gifts.

A sweet story about pictures... we just moved to TN last November from AZ. We got here just in time for fall leaves! My Grandmother had them all raked into a big ditch and invited my girls out to play in the leaves - their first time EVER playing in fall leaves! I grabbed my digital camera and started taking pictures. As one of her gifts, I made collages of my girls in the leaves and printed them out. She proudly displays them in one of her many many photo albums.

Im going to find some picts to show off.. ;)